A Guide To Repeating The Leaving Cert

When a student does not have the required Final Leaving Cert results they desired or needed, the days and weeks thereafter are naturally addressed with a bit of in-depth analysis and consideration of their options. This process may be too short for those with a definite purpose in mind while for others it may be the beginning of a long period of reflection on their future career path that may extend over many weeks, even months.

Whatever the options, repeating The Leaving Cert is one that deserves careful consideration. Even if it does not appeal right away, there may be advantages that should become clearer when you take this into account. However, repetition is not right for everyone. If a student repeats the same process the whole process is unlikely to be successful. It takes courage and independence of spirit to repeat and motivation is paramount. Without motivation, a student will likely achieve the same results as before.

Going back to the old school has its advantages because it is an environment with which the student is already familiar, knows the teachers and the teachers already know him, and can analyze more carefully what went wrong, and what can be improved. But in some cases, some students find it discouraging to return to their old school, especially when all or most of their classmates have moved into college or work. Sometimes a change, can bring back the necessary motivation and confidence.

It is essential to be in a school where counselors can guide in depth all the necessary points for the student to achieve the objectives. There are schools with teachers specializing in Leaving Cert repetition, where with a more focused plan, the student gets more prepared. Some schools advise students to keep seven subjects because, in counting the points, there is a chance that if they reduce to six and if they have a bad exam day, they will actually get five.

Some students in repetition classes focus only on what they find most difficult, however, in some cases focus on the discipline as a whole. Each student may find what is best for their situation.


Best Repeat Leaving Cert Schools IN Ireland

Dublin Academy Of Education

Bruce College

Yeats College