How to Get a H1 in the Leaving Cert Irish Exam

How to Get a H1 in the Leaving Cert Irish Exam?

From Grammar to Vocabulary, there are various aspects of the Leaving Cert Irish Exam you need to get right in order to obtain H1 grade. However, to the good fortune of many, this comprehensive guide is there to help you out-

The Oral Exam

Like for any foreign language exam, the oral exam is by far the toughest part, but if you are calm and well prepared, then no anyone can stop you from getting high marks. This test last for 12 to 15 minutes, and you have to impress the examiner that you have strong hold over the Irish language.

Paper One

The Aural Exam (An Chluastuiscint):

This sections worth is 60 marks, and about 20 to 25 minutes. There are three sections-‘Cuid A’ (advertisements), ‘Cuid B’ (conversations) & ‘Cuid C (news pieces).’ Each candidate can listen to the audio of each question twice with breaks in between.  Save time by getting yourself ready with a pen, and the paper should be open, be in “ready, steady, go” position before the CD starts.  Take out of the keywords and later write the detailed answers.

The Composition (Ceapadóireacht):

The worth of this section is 100 marks and you get approx two hours to complete it. Here are nine options to choose. First of all, plan out the essay, this is the thing which is going to fetch your good marks, but at the same time can lead you into a big problem if overlooked. The essays aren’t tricky, there are so many choices, and the topics are pretty straightforward. A captivating intro, three paragraphs, and the conclusion is a must to score good marks in the essays.

Paper Two

The Comprehensions (Léamhthuiscint):

You are required to complete two comprehensions in this section. The choices include news, article, extract or report and you have to answer all the subsection questions. Ideally, spend around 30 to 35 minutes on each comprehension.

Prós (Prose):

This section is worth 30 marks, and aim to spend approx 25 minutes on this. You can either go with Prós Ainmnithe’ or ‘Prós Roghnach’.

Prós Ainmnithe- Previous Exams From 2012 to 2016, the options

were/are; ‘Hurlamaboc’ (novel), ‘Dís’ (short story), ‘Cáca Milis’ (film), ‘Oisín i dTír na n-Óg’

(folklore) and ‘An Gnáthrud’ (short story).

Filíocht (Poetry):

Just like the Prós section, you can choose between Filíocht Ainmnithe’ and ‘Filíocht Roghnach’. For each poem, it is crucial that you thoroughly understand the theme of the poem.

Litríocht Bhreise (Additional Literature):

This section is of 40 marks with six options to choose one.

Best of Luck for Your Exam!


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