How To Get An A1 in the Leaving Cert English Exam?

How To Get An A1 in the Leaving Cert English Exam?

Even in today’s time, we all are in the misconception that English language is a fine art that comes naturally to an individual. But, the truth is, hard work & true dedication both are the cornerstones to achieve an A grade in English.

Paper I

The Paper I comprise of three sections, composing 100 marks, Comprehension Question A (50 marks) and Comprehension Question B (50marks).

Composing Section-

Here, you choose from seven options, those include short stories, speeches, personal/descriptive essays or articles. This section forms 25% marks in Paper I.

If you are someone, who is a little imaginative, then you should try the short story. If the short stories aren’t your cup of tea, then speeches would be a perfect pick for you. For a personal article, the examiner expects the essay straight from the heart of a genuine writer.

Keeping track of the time is the key to score high in Paper I. So, practice makes a man perfect, so practice writing five-page essays, but in tough time constraints to ace the art of writing an average of 10 pages in just 2 hours time.

Question B

The Paper I have three comprehension options with their own set of question subsections, you have to do one from Question A and one from Question B. Question A is the comprehension, while Question B is the short composition.

Question A

A majority of the crowd rate the Question A is the easiest segment of Paper I. usually, the comprehension is text-only, you just have to carefully read it and answer them with no English writing flaws. But, if the comprehension is about four to five images, then you have to understand every minute detail to avoid writing a totally different concept. Make sure you are clear with the messages communicated by the images.

Paper II

The Paper II Has Three Subsections-

The Single Text

Here, you have to choose one from five options. Under these, the candidate further gets a choice of two questions. The English teachers usually recommend going with the Shakespeare option, and you study a lot about the play before sitting for the exam.

The Comparative Study-

With 70 marks at fray, you just can’t ignore this section. This section is about comparing and contrasting three different texts. This is usually about a film, a play or a novel. You can either do one 70 marks question or 30 marks and 40 marks questions combo

Poetry (Prescribed and Unseen)-

The Prescribed Poetry section is worth 50 marks, and here the candidate can select from four poets. As a secret, there is always an Irish and one Woman poet.

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