How to Get an H1 in Leaving Cert Biology Exam?

How to Get an H1 in Leaving Cert Biology Exam?

Most of us perceive Biology as the easiest subject, suggesting it is mostly about common sense. However, this is a total myth, because Biology is a subject, where you need to learn the cycles, equations, etc. Therefore, one needs to devote ample amount of time along with true dedication to obtain a satisfactory result.

How Do I Study Biology?

The best way to study this subject is to understand the concept, rather than cramming the text. Doing so will help you develop an interest in Biology, which, in fact, is the key to ace any Biology paper. There is one great short book of about 30 pages published by Celtic Press, which is 95% of the course; you can take help from this useful guide. And, lastly, for the Biology exam, you need to boost your writing speed and enhance your drawing skills.

What Should My Timing Be Like?

This is a three hours paper, and the majority of the students believe it is adequate to complete all the sections. Ideally, the best approach is to spend 20 to 25 minutes on Section B, half an hour on Section A, and rest on C Section.

How Best to Do the Short Questions (Section A)?

You will be given a choice of six short questions from which you have to pick any five. Ideally, it is best if you attempt all the questions to increase your chances of getting higher marks. Most of these short questions are Biology fundamentals related to food. Always look for the previous paper to get an understanding of the exam pattern.


How Best to Do the Experiment Questions (Section B)?

There are three choices and you need to attempt any two, each of 30 marks. As a matter of truth there is no shortcut for this section as you are required to have in-depth knowledge about the various Biology experiments. You can also look at the previous papers for experiments commonly asked.

How Best to Do the Long Questions (Section C)?

You will be provided with six questions in Section C and you are required to do any four, each carrying 60 marks. One question on genetics is usually there every year, so you should concrete on this. Here, you will have to up the tempo, fast writing speed is an absolute necessity, and for that, you need to practice weeks beforehand.

In Conclusion

Hope the above guide is useful, and best of luck for your exam!


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