How to Get an H1 in the Leaving Cert Chemistry Exam?

How to Get an H1 in the Leaving Cert Chemistry Exam?

Chemistry is a kind of subject which can fascinate you if you are willing to learn and be creative with the equations. Want to get an H1 in the Leaving Cert Chemistry Exam? Here, we bring to you a thorough guide to help you strategize your chemistry paper.  So, let’s walk down together-

Exam Layout and Timing

There are total 11 questions in the Leaving Cert Chemistry Exam, out of which you have to attempt at least 8 questions. This paper is of 400 marks, so worth of each question is 50 marks.

The paper has two sections. Section A comprises of 3 Questions, based on 28 experiments you have done during your course. Whereas Section B has 4 to 11 questions, these are the theoretical questions. It is vital to attempt two questions from Section A.

The exam is of 3 hours, so an estimated time of 20 minutes of each question. The timing is more than sufficient to write the entire paper.

Section A

You have to attempt any two-

Question 1 is related to the titrations and volumetric analysis.

Question 2 is based on Organic Experiments.

And, lastly, Question 3 is from the remaining mandatory experiments.

Section B

Section B of the paper contains 8 questions in the number 4 to 11. These 8 questions cover all the aspects there in the course. You can either answer six answers (two from section A) of Section B or five (three from Section A)

Question 4

Consists of 11 short questions, out of which 8 must be answered.

Question 5

Based on the initials chapters you have studied in your chemistry course. These cover Atomic Theory, the Periodic Table, Radioactivity and Chemical Bonding. This is usually rated as the most scoring question.

Question 6

This question is from the Fuels and Thermochemistry section of Organic Chemistry. This segment of the Chemistry subject is often complicated; you have to devote time and efforts to know every minute detail about the organic equations.

Question 7, Question 8 & Question 9

These three questions are hard to predict, but they are usually from the Organic Chemistry or topics like Water, Acid-base theory, pH, Rates of Reaction or Equilibrium.

Question 10 & Question 11

Both these questions contain an inbuilt choice, where you have to do at least two parts A, B or C.

Good Luck!


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