How to Get an H1 in the Leaving Cert French Exam?

How to Get an H1 in the Leaving Cert French Exam?

French is a tricky subject because it is one of the few foreign languages with a vast database. Hence by, many struggle to get H1 in the Leaving Cert French exam. Fortunately, today we have compelled an impressive guide, so scroll down and have a look-

The Oral Exam (L’épreuve Orale)

The section worth is 100 marks in the paper. As a piece of practical advice, don’t start the tape straightway you enter the room, greet the examiner in French accent. For this section, you have to understand the French way of communication, the commonly asked questions like your family background. Try to lead the conversation, but without complicated things for yourself.  Keep on talking and stay clear of any signs of nervousness.

The Written Exam

The written French exam is composed of two sections.

Section 1: Compréhension Écrite- Two Comprehensions with No Choices

The comprehension one is usually an article, while the second comprehension is a brief extract from a story. The job is straightforward, answer all the questions, using the word used in the comprehension. The last question in both the comprehensions will ask you to answer in English or Irish to understand your language interception.

Section 2: Production Écrite- A     Choice of Essays Titles and Prompts.

100 Marks is the worth of this section. You have to do a total of three essays; with each having four subsections. The Question 1 is obligatory carrying 40 marks, while you can choose two questions from Q2, Q3, and Q4, each of 30 marks. Récit is the common choice for Question 1. For this, a story short has to be written on a given topic. Knowing the in-detail difference between imparfait and the passé compose is a must for writing a Récit.

The Aural Exam

The final section of the French exam is the Aural Exam; it is of 80 marks with five sections. This section comprises new pieces, conversations, and interviews. Your answers need to be in either Irish or English. Time will be provided to read the questions before the tape starts. During that time, highlight the keywords in each question.  And, last but the most crucial advice to keep in mind is to not to leave anything blank in the paper.

To Sum Up

Smart and hard work, both are required to ace the Ace the French exam.


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